My Pinterest Obsessions #1


I have had a secret (not so secret) love affair with pinterest for the longest time. And lets be honest, who doesn't? With thousands of amazing ideas, tutorials, inspirational photos and delicious recipes, it's hard NOT to find something to fall in love with.

With my current obsession and my love for all things pretty, I have decided to start a series- 'My Pinterest Obsession'- to show you all the pretty things that I've found wasting time on the web.

Copper Adjustable Table Lamp
Originally found on, this lamp is super cute thanks to its simple look paired with this gorgeous copper (although I'd almost say this is more rose gold!)

Burgundy lace up boots
I know it's still summer here, and I'm already too tall for heels- but I'm massively lusting over these beauties!

O.P.I nail polish
I'm only just getting into the nail trend, and was looking for pretty new colours to rock. Sadly, they don't tell me the colour of this one- so if anyone knows please comment below! Thank you in advance!

Eye makeup look

I'm all about that liner! Done by Look a Million - LOVE!!

You can follow my Pinterest account here, feel free to leave links to yours in the comments and share your latest obsessions!
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