Motivational Monday- The Sun Will Come Out


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'The sun will come out, tomorrow. So you gotta hang on, 'till tomorrow. Come what may.'

Through all my childhood years, these lyrics from the song 'the sun will come out' performed in Annie, have stuck with me right up until adult hood. I'm not sure what exactly made them stick with me, as a child I never really thought much of it. Childhood me thought that of course the sun will come out tomorrow because the sun always comes up- it wasn't until I watched the movie again in my teens with my little sisters that I really understood what it meant. There are so many metaphors and meanings to this saying.
Some of which are as follows:
*The sun will come up- tomorrow is a new day.
*No matter how much darkness there may be in your life, there will be light to break it.
*There's always hope for tomorrow.
*Tomorrow will always come, no matter what happens today.

There are so many different meanings and metaphors, but I thought that these four were the main points of what I wanted to share with you. We always hear people say it- 'Tomorrow is a new day.' And they're right. You may have had a bad day at work, a tough time at school or an unfortunate event in your family life. You may have failed a test, been fired or rejected for a job, you may have burnt dinner or broke your mums favorite ornament (been there, done that), but there is always tomorrow to fix things. You could retake the test, study more, apply for other opportunities, take the time to learn how to cook and buy your mum a new ornament. If you fall down 7 times, get up 8. No matter how dark and dreary today may feel, tomorrow brings light, that is guaranteed. You have the hope, the opportunity to make tomorrow count. No matter what you do today, tomorrow will always come. Make use of this promise, make use of this hope.
Hang on 'till tomorrow. Come what may.
Until next time...

P.S: Sorry I haven't posted a lot lately, I've been tied up with the WOD expansion for World of Warcraft and family catch ups and reading Game of Thrones. I'll post a lot more soon.

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