Face Mask Sea Salt & Camellia Seed Oil Face Mask Review


I'm going to start this post by saying I really did TRY to like this product. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Running out of my favourite face mask, the Mask of Magnaminty, was like a bad break up. As I'm currently unable to get my hands on a new tub soon enough, I decided to pop down to my local K-Mart to see if they had anything that could possibly 'mend my wounds' in the mean time.
And, just like turning to the first guy that shows 'interest' in you after a break-up is not a good idea, so too was my 'innocent' trip. Why?

First, I had little to no choice to choose from. Which isn't surprising for a small community K-Mart. I was running short of time, so I grabbed the first one that looked sort of promising.
Mistake number one- there is little to no information about this product. Like, at all. Still, with high hopes after a shitty day, I decided to just give it a go anyway.

The product didn't harm my skin at all, which is a huge positive considering I was putting something I knew little about onto my sensitive skin. But it didn't really do anything for it either. The only difference I noticed was that the small patch of clear skin on my face felt fresh. Or at least fresher than it did before I washed my face.

The product itself is a runny constancy with small grains in it, which I'm assuming is salt? The colour is actually quite a nice pale pinkish colour, which I thought would look nice as a lipstick or gloss. Besides that, this stuff was just a sticky hot mess.

After 20 minutes I rinsed the mask off with warm water and that was really it. There was no 'wow I feel refreshed' or 'my skin has a nice glow' or anything. It just felt like a waste of my time.

I don't mean to sound so harsh about this product, but for me it just didn't cut it. Maybe it's because I've just come off the high of such a great relationship with Lush, or because the product just isn't up to par. However, there are some pros to this product.

If you have really, and I mean really, good, clear skin this may work well for you.
Or, if you have a young niece (or nephew) or young children who want to join in on your 'pampering', this could be a cheap alternative to letting them use your more expensive products. It doesn't harm your skin and at $3 could save yourself a few $ in the long run.

Whilst I'm quite disappointed with my experience, I'm remaining positive that either a) my Magnaminty mask arrives soon or b) I find a good 'step in' product to use in the meantime.

List below any face masks that you love or that you avoid at all costs! 

xx Elise 

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