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Recently I received easily the best gift in the world - the Top Five Movement Question Cards. Haven't heard of them? That's okay! They've only just been released, and honestly they couldn't be more perfect. What are they? Well, to quote the ..blurb (I don't actually know the proper name) on the (ADORABLE) packaging - "A tool for happiness that fits into your daily life (and your handbag!)"
Yep - it's a little round box filled with 50 question cards to help unleash positivity, spark conversations and cultivate gratitude.

So recently I've been (obviously) on the path to find, or rather CREATE happiness in my life, which is why I am so thrilled about these gorgeous cards being in my life. I decided that rather than keeping this joy to myself, I would get back in touch with my love of blogging and share my answer to a question card. I have chosen a card at random, so hopefully you enjoy what you read and are inspired to purchase yourself one of these lovely little decks of joy.

PROMPT:- Compared to five or ten years ago, what knowledge are you most grateful for today?

This hits home so much for me. 5 years ago I was 16 years old, in year 11 at high school, facing one of the hardest times of my life.
For a little back story, it was at 16 that I got my first ever boyfriend, which wouldn't sound so bad, except I came from a religious family who believed that you shouldn't date anyone outside of the same religion, and you could only date with the intent of marriage. Silly 16 year old me decided to go against my parents wishes and keep a secret boyfriend. My parents themselves were going through an extremely rough time and I had decided that I no longer wanted to be of the religion that my family had. Dealing with the guilt of deceiving my parents, the fear of their reaction to my life choice, an unhealthy home situation and a general dread of life caused me to become a very unhealthy and negative person. I was diagnosed with Depression, and lost so many friends due to my terrible attitude and bleak outlook of life.

I'm so grateful for the experiences I went through though, as I learnt a lot about who I am, my passions, my family and my friends. I learnt that no matter what my parents went through, they sill loved me and, whats more, they both understood and accepted my life choices, encouraging me to do what I want. They reassured me that religion is a very personal experience and if I wasn't ready, or didn't feel I belonged, that it is okay, and that I have to make sure that I am happy in my life. Despite losing 'friends', I found some absolute gems that still shine bright in my life today and I came to realise that sometimes people are only meant to be in your life to help you learn and grow. Its okay to grow, to take different paths and change friends.
Basically - I'm so grateful to have the knowledge that it is completely okay to be YOU. To do what you need to do to find happiness. That it's totally okay to be scared of whats in front of you, but that you can do anything and YOU CAN make it through anything. YOU can be happy, even if things are seeming difficult, even if it feels like all the odds are against you. Life is exactly what you make of it, so make it beautiful!
Credit: @topfivemovement on Instagram

In a previous blog, I talked about 6 ways to lead a positive life. Within that blog I mentioned the Top Five Movement- which incidentally is the starting point of the Top Five Movement Question Cards.
I highly recommend getting your hands on a set of these amazing cards - which can be purchased through the Top Five Movement page here.

Until next time... 

xx Elise 

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