e.l.f Tone Adjusting Mineral Face Primer- Review


Recently I purchased the e.l.f Tone Adjusting Mineral Face Primer
from K-mart in an effort to combat my red skin. It cost something around $8- however you can purchase this online from e.l.f for $6 here.

Obviously, this is a green primer with the texture I'd almost describe as silicone(ish). Its a smooth texture which blends/absorbs into the skin easily. While I honestly didn't see a difference in the redness of my skin, it did make my skin feel more smooth and helped my foundation not only spread/apply better, but it did seem to help my face makeup stay longer. Another pro is that it didn't tinge my face green at all (like I was worried it would).

It didn't however prevent any creasing or reduce the size of my pores, although it gave me an almost matte feeling while wearing it.

I definitely would not recommend this to anyone looking for a colour correcting primer, however this is a cheap and relatively good primer to try if you're on a budget or are just looking to save a few extra dollars.

What is your favorite e.l.f product?
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