7 reasons to consider a week without Makeup


To many of us, make up is just another part of every day life. We make time in our days to apply and remove it, plan ahead as to what look we want to achieve, match it to our outfits and spend more money on it then we probably should. It has the ability to make us feel comfortable and confident, to look the way we want to look, to express our creativity and ability. That being said, not wearing make up has it's perks too. Here's 7 reasons why you should consider a week without makeup.

1. More sleep
It's obvious that you'd get at least another half an hour sleep in in the morning, but imagine you've had a long day, you're tired and you have new episodes of orange is the new black to watch. You accidentally fall asleep on the couch without taking your makeup off. But that's not a problem, because today you didn't wear makeup which means you can drag your half asleep butt to bed without a worry.

2. Goodbye morning breakouts
Okay, so you may still get these, but you won't get them because you fell asleep with makeup on and were too tired to get up and wash it off. Your skin gets a good, clean nights sleep, so you don't have oily patches of hot mess all over your face. 

3. Breath of fresh air
This is the number one reason why I go on 'no makeup week' 'detox' (I use that term lightly). When I'm having a break out- either from hormones, stress or general laziness because I can't be bothered washing off my makeup (I know, big no-no), I find makeup does nothing to help the situation. I either get an even worse pizza face or my foundation looks gross, cakey or blotchy. Avoiding makeup gives my skin a little room to breathe, helping clear up those unwanted breakouts. 

4. It's an excuse!
Running low on you favourite foundation, but you don't get paid for another 4 days? Simple, don't wear makeup and tell everyone your letting your skin breathe for a while. People think that you're being healthy and skin conscious, but in reality you're barely scraping by on two minuet noodles and tap water. At least nobody has to know!

5. It's convenient. 
You can sleep anywhere without worrying you'll smudge your face off, kiss your partner (or whoever) without worrying your lips will become theirs, jump in the pool without worrying if you're waterproof, jump in the shower without magically turning into a panda- the possibilities are endless. 

6. Confidence
I won't lie, the first few days without wearing makeup may make you feel naked, but some time's feeling naked can feel empowering. You'll push yourself out of your comfort zone and start to feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

7. It's refreshing
You're skin feels healthy, your brain is full of fun new ideas to try when you pull out your makeup bag again, you're comfortable in your own skin and you've (hopefully) gotten accustomed to your flaws.

I'm coming up to completing my week without makeup tomorrow! I'm super excited to pull out my makeup on Saturday and play around with some ideas!
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