6 Ways to lead a Positive Life


Positivity isn't exactly something that comes naturally. We are all prone to have bad days, to feel down and reflect negatively on ourselves and our lives. Sometimes we fail to remember that just because we've had a bad day, that it doesn't mean we have a bad life. Below are 6 ways you can introduce positivity into your everyday life! 

1. Surround yourself with people who inspire you 
Talk to people with similar goals and who are like minded. Follow social media accounts that you find inspirational, watch YouTube videos surrounding your interests and things that keep you passionate about life. Hearing others talk about their goals, their achievements and hearing their encouragement can help give you a boost in motivation and positive thinking. 

2. Challenge your negative thinking 
It is so easy to just accept negative thoughts as a part of your every day life, we all get them. It is okay to get negative feelings from time to time, you're human, you have emotions, it's natural. But rather than letting your negative thoughts control you, challenge them. Pinpoint the cause of your negative thinking and target it. Sometimes the biggest barrier is your own mind. Don't think 'I can't do this' - think 'I CAN do this'! 

3. Participate in the top 5 movement 
The Top 5 Movement is probably one of the most positive things I've introduced in my life. 
Don't believe me? Follow this link and see for yourself! You can thank me later. 

4. Accept failure as the stepping stones to your success
Fall down 7 times, get up 8. No one is expecting you to be perfect - no one is expecting you to succeed on every attempt. From each failure you learn another skill to success. Patience, practice, mindfulness and most importantly persistence. With each step you get stronger, and better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. 

5. Encourage and support others rather than criticising 
The world is full of critics. Instead of dragging others down to make yourself feel better, support them. Offer words of encouragement and focus on the good that person is doing. Looking at others and the world around you will help you appreciate everything around you and could very well make someone's day. 

6. Set realistic goals and reward yourself for them
Want to be able to run 5k? Download the couch to 5k app. 
Want to travel? Save a realistic amount of money each pay towards your travel goals.
Set yourself little goals that are easily achievable that are stepping stones towards bigger goals. Setting goals you cannot possibly achieve or have no way to measure your success of progress from will leave you feeling lost and discouraged. Constantly achieving goals, no matter how small, can keep you motivated and in a positive mindset to achieve more goals - and so the cycle continues. 

Until next time... 

xx Elise 

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