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I've read a few different blog reviews about this product- which led me to my most recent purchase. Maybelline color whisper- 'one size fits pearl'.
There are quite a few different colours in the color whisper range (8 I've found so far) but; seeing as they only has the one colour left on the shelves when I visited my local K-mart (the big spender I am)- I didn't really have much of a choice as to which colour I wanted to try. However, I am renowned for being extremely indecisive, so this is more of a positive than it is a negative. 

'one size fits pearl', in its solid for (stick?), is a light pinkish/coralish colour, with tiny little bits of glitter and a shine to give it a 'pearl' like look. When applied, the colour is practically translucent, however, if you keep applying it a few times over, your lips appear to be a softer baby pink colour. It adds shine and a slight shimmer to your lips and is extremely light weight. It glides on easily, has no taste or scent and doesn't dry out, nor moisturise your lips. I have found (due to my dry lips) that after an hour or two it feels a little dry and I need to reapply it, much like I would Chapstick. 

My favourite thing about this product is the semi-gloss look you get after applying it, which means I can get the gloss look I want without having to apply a sticky, thick gloss to my lips. Of course the gloss look isn't as dramatic as it is when using an actual gloss, but I find this is more to my advantage as I'm not a huge fan of over glossy lips. 
My biggest disappointment is the colour- for the simple fact that I've been in love with bright and bold lips lately. There isn't anything wrong with the actual product, it's just a personal preference
That being said, I do like how you can layer this product to create a natural baby pink tinge. This fact alone makes it perfect for absolutely everything; work, school, nightlife and 'nude' days. Personally, I prefer to wear this colour to work as it is a subtle shine and colour.

Considering its versatility, I do think I will be purchasing a few if the other colour in the range; I've just got to wait until they're restocked!

Cost: approx. $17
By: Maybelline
Found: K-mart- can be purchased online or at most drugstores/pharmacies
Rate: 7.5/10

Let me know below what your favourite lip product and colour is, or link me to a review you or a friend has done. 
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