A spoonful of Motivation- 10 Reasons to smile!


Holidays are ending, we're having to go back to work, school and Uni. We're bummed because we've already broken our new years resolution and the bills are needing to be paid. Your cat no longer wants to spend time with you and you spilled your coffee this morning. There are so many things that can drag us down, but what about those things that build you up? Here's 10 reasons to help keep you smiling after a long, hard day!

1. Every day is different
Just because today was shitty, doesn't mean tomorrow will be. So you spilled coffee over your new dress? You can easily wash it and wear it tomorrow. Who knows, you might bump into your crush tomorrow and wow them in your stunning dress! ;)

2. You are beautiful
This is one of those cliche things that everyone says, but it's true. If you're having a bad day or feeling down about yourself, pick one good thing you really like about the way you look and focus on that. Nothing beats your amazing brow game, silky smooth locks or red (or nude- work it either way) bold smile!

3. You're beautiful inside too
People can tell when you've had a bad day, and most don't want to make it worse. If someone is trying to help you, let them. Don't let your anger or frustration get the better of you. Be grateful (like you would any other day). Who knows, keeping back your temper may just help their day get better too.

4. Opportunities never stop
This is one I'm guilty of. Just because you didn't get that job you wanted or into the University you we're dying to enter, doesn't mean you'll never get there. You just got to keep your eyes open and never give up.

5. You're alive
This one is pretty straight forward. You are here. You are breathing. You have each and every day and opportunity to keep on trying, to keep pushing yourself to reach the goals you want to reach.

6. Chocolate and Coffee
Now, I'm not saying you should eat all your problems away, but sometimes after a long hard day a coffee (or wine) with some chocolate and TV can help you feel better. If that doesn't work, try a bath or shower. A bit of relaxation never hurt anyone ;)

7. You have a hobby
My hobby is blogging and it brings me great happiness to know that there are people out there that enjoy reading what I have to say. Hobbies are fun and are a great way of distracting yourself from the outside world.

8. People care about you
They could be family, friends or colleagues, but remembering that people care about you and value your presence, experience and opinion is a strong step to happiness. Remember you are important, and while others may not show it, you are needed and appreciated.

9. Remember the little things
Had a bad day at work and felling down about yourself? Remember that elderly lady you helped carry her groceries to her car and how thankful she was. Had a fight with your best friend? Remember how you met and why you became such good friends. Everyone has their dark days, but remembering the good things can not only make you happier, but can repair friendships and self esteem.

10. The internet
How happy I am to have to internet! Sad? Watch a cat video. Need someone to talk to? Facebook. Want some inspiration? Youtube. Want to post whatever you want without being judged for how many times you post? Twitter. There are thousands of ways the internet can cheer you up- just be sure to keep clear of the negativity!

I hope this post gave you a reason to smile today.
Until next time...


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