Liebster Award round 2!


Today I jumped online to write up a few reviews for you guys when I found I had a notification from Chelle from Destination 22 letting me know she had nominated me to do the Liebseter Award. I have been tagged in this before (you can find my first one here) and feel extremely honored to be tagged again- so thank you Chelle! :D

The rules are:
- Thank and link the person who nominated you.- Answer the questions given by the nominator.- Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.- Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.- Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Questions from Chelle;

- If you could only listen to 3 bands for the rest of your life who would they be?
This is extremely difficult to answer as I don't really have a favorite band- I really just like songs not particularly the artist. Top 3 songs I've been loving (and I really don't know why) is Fifth Harmony's BO$$, Sam Smiths Stay with me and Albatross by AronChupa. I hope that's a good enough response? 

- If you could travel to 1 place no matter the cost where would you go?
Disney Land. It is my hope to one day get there, but unfortunately due to lack of money that wont be happening in the near fututre. 

-What made you decide to start a blog?
Because I wanted to share things I was interested in with others, but unfortunately I only really had my boyfriend to tell so I decided to take my hobbies to the internet.

-What's your favorite tv show?
Breaking bad and Game of Thrones.

-Dogs or Cats?
I like dogs that don't jump in your face or bark a lot and cats that don't attack you or stand in your way. 

-If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive, who would you choose?
This is another hard one as I don't have stand alone idols- I look up to and admire loads of people! Although I would love to meet Tyler Oakley, Shannonxo and Karissa Pukas. 

-What's your favorite hobby (other than blogging)?

-What's your dream job?
This sounds silly coming from someone who is 20, but I don't know. I have lots of things I enjoy and lots of things I want to do and try, but I don't think I have found what I want to do with my life. 

-Big city or quiet country?
I'm a country bumpkin! I absolutely love the city and the shopping, but I can't afford to move to the city at the moment and I have anxiety so large crowds are dificult to deal with. Still, can't beat the shopping! 

-Favorite band growing up?
Queen and the Beatles.

-If you could see a band you've never seen before who would you see?
I've never gone to see a band, so anyone really. Although I did want to go see the Used with my bestfriend last year. 

My nominations:
Serena from Always in my Mind
Stephanie from Peplum & Coffee
Jess from sprinkle of neon
Jade from Jade's Blog
Renee from Lose the road
Ashleigh from Makeupbyashh
Melissa from LEMONMEL
Chloe from Chloe Andrews

My 11 Questions:
- What kind of camera do you use for your blog photos? 
- How did you choose your blog name? 
- Which are your favorite blogs? 
- What is your favorite fragrance? 
- Favorite lipstick shade? 
- What is your current fashion obsession? 
- What is your favorite song at the moment? 
- What would you like to get rid of? 
- What is your most challenging goal right now?
- Whats the last thing you ate? 
- What are you most excited about? 

I really hope you enjoyed reading my answers and my questions - thank you so much Chelle for tagging me as well! 
I'm off to write some more reviews.
Until next time...


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