My mini 'pamper' evening after a stressful day


I love a good bath and a nice bit of relaxation, however after a long day at work with things to be done I don't always get the time to really and truly pamper myself. However there are a few things I do and product I use to help myself wind down.

Firsts things first, I remove my makeup (obviously) using the simple cleansing wipes. It literally takes all of a minute and is so gentle to my skin and eyes.

 I decided to wash my hair today as well, so I quickly jumped into the shower and shampooed, toned, conditioned my hair before jumping out a putting a hair mask through the ends of my hair. I chose the Schwarzkopf deep nutrition intensive care mask with shea and cashmere. I'm yet to determine my feelings towards this product, but I'll do a review once I decide.

Leaving the mask in my hair, I applied the Lush cupcake face mask and started running myself a relaxing bubble bath

In my bath I used the Lush drummer drumming reusable bubble bar and a few strawberry and cream scented marshmallow bath fizzers to add to the sweet aroma.

Now I know this is a shower gel, but I have been absolutely loving the Lush honey I washed the kids shower gel at the moment, pairing this with the honey I washed the kids soap to shave my legs.
After I wash my hair out and wash my face mask off, I usually relax for a few minutes before jumping out and doing my skin care routine.

Following this I used a cooling moisturiser on my face, scrubbed my lips with the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, tied my hair in a bun and WALAH! Fresh, clean and totally relaxed!

What do you do when you're in need of some quick relaxation?
Until next time...


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