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I know I promised on Instagram that my next post would be my Lush cupcake face mask review, but I was tagged by the amazing Liv Cole from LivColey to do this tag so I thought I'd answer her questions before I upload my next review. I suggest taking the time to check out Livs blog, you can read her answers to this tag here.

1) What is your favourite TV show and why? (you're only allowed to choose 1)
I don't really watch a lot of TV- however I guess my favorite I've seen has been Game of Thrones. I honestly hated it for the first few episodes, but it got really interesting after a while. The series are full of odd twists and turns, sickening acts of betrayal and love and is completely and utterly captivating. 
2) What was the best thing that happened to you (blogging wise) in 2014?
I only started blogging about halfway through 2014- so there hasn't been a lot that I've either been offered or invited to. I was privileged to do a review of clothing for Bad Luxe Boutique and I've found some pretty amazing blogs to follow, but there hasn't been much else.
3) What are your future aspirations in 10 years time? (generally, any hopes/dreams?)
I'd hope I have a job that I enjoy, surrounded by a few close friends, maybe a family, but most of all that I will still be with my boyfriend and living in a comfortable house and being generally happy with where I am in life.
4) Do you think you will still be blogging in 10 years time? 
I really hope so. I love blogging, but I guess it depends on my circumstances at to weather I'd still be blogging in 10 years. If I was, I'd hope that I'd have a solid reading base that I could give advice to and/or cheer up. 
5) Favorite animal and why?
My favorite animal is a rabbit. I don't really know why. I've had 4 rabbits as a child/teen and they are the smartest, cutest little bundles of joy.

My questions:
1) If you could, would you blog for a living- why/why not? 

2) If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be? 
3) What was your childhood dream job?
4) If you could travel anywhere with any blogger, who would you go with and where? 

5) What 3 things make you really happy? 

 My nominees:
Bethany from ThatTypicalGirl

Rachel from Racel Coco
Maja from Modern Muffin
Alina from Beauty with charm
Amy from All the little things

Thank you for the tag Liv! I look forward to reading every ones answers, My Lush review will be up shortly, but until then you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more blog and general life updates.
Until then...


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