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As many of my readers know- I've been struggling with a few painful pimples on my lip line for the last few weeks. In this time, I've tried everything I could get my hands on to make them go away. Tea tree oil, lemon juice, cream and ice, just to name a few.
Last week they started to split and scab (gross, I know, but it's a vital part of the story) and my face was in constant pain from it. That's when my boyfriends mother handed me this little red tube, and told me to apply it every time my lip/pimples started to feel too dry.
I'd like to introduce you all to my new best friend; Lucas' Papaw Ointment!

The ointment itself is an off white (kinda yellow tinged) goo, with pretty much no scent at all. It does feel a little bit tacky at first, but once you warm it up a little bit with your fingers, it melts down and feels pretty much like lip gloss does. It isn't sticky at all, and is moisturizing and nourishing on the lips. The back reads 'A local tropical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.' And I honestly believe it can be used on so much more than just that.
This product has not only repaired my super dry and chapped lips, but it has shrunk my pimples by a considerable amount. I honestly believe that without this product, my lips would still be painful and scabby.
It got rid of my scab, and helped heal the wound quickly. Not only that, but it kept the pimple hydrated enough that it didn't split every time I ate, but didn't irritate it or cause it to flare up. I don't think it would work as well if my skin wasn't split- but I'm extremely happy with the results.
The best thing about it though is you only need a tiny amount for it to work. I'm not 100% sure what the actual cost is, but I think it is around $5 a tube. That being said, even if this product was $50, I'd recommend it to anyone.This is a must have in any bathroom, bag and first aid kit.
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