*Shine Like a Diamond- Bad Luxe Boutique Review*


Before I get into my review, I'd just like to give you all a little heads up that I was kindly sent this item for review by Bad Luxe Boutique. I am not getting paid and all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. All future PR posts will be (just like this one) marked with the * symbol. I hold the right to give you my honest opinion- the good, the bad and the ugly.
So, with that out of the way and without further ado, here is my thoughts.
First of all- this vest top (shine like a diamond tank vest top- ) is amazingly comfortable. The fabric is soft and doesn't itch or irritate my skin at all (which is quite hard to find for my sensitive skin). I adore the leather look neck line and the wet look detail in the diamond. I love the use of the decals, however they do feel like they'll fall off easily, either in the wash or if you get them caught on something (maybe a bag). As for size, I'm an Australian 10, which after a quick google search, equates to a size small UK. I love the fit, it doesn't hug too tight and is quite light, but isn't loose enough to make it look like I have no chest.

The back has a slight V shaped cut detail from the back. I haven't decided if I like this detail as of yet- although it does add a little extra to the piece and it is quite a modest split.

A few things I'm not a huge fan of is the sown line down the back, however that's minor and really doesn't effect the piece negatively. However, I really hate the tag. To be fair, I hate all tags, but this one was extremely irritating so I'd suggest either wearing something underneath it or completely cutting it off. Either way is a simple solution and, again, doesn't really effect the piece.
Overall I've been absolutely loving this top! Not only that, but Bad Luxe Boutique has amazing customer service AND ships internationally! SCORE!
 Bad Luxe Boutique is a UK based clothing site specializing in alternative clothing. Seeing as they are an alternative clothing site, I know they wont appeal to everyone, but I do recommend going and having a look anyway. There are some amazing pieces of clothing for sale- as well as shoes and accessories! 
Have you tried Bad Luxe Boutique? What's your favourite piece?
Until next time...

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