Shanghai Suzy Spring-Summer 2014-15 Lipstick Collection


Photo from the Vegan Beauty website (link below)
As the weather heats up, so does my excitement to try more bold and beautiful lipstick shades and brands. One brand that I'm dying to try is the Shanghai Suzy Spring-Summer 2014-15 Lipstick Collection. 
This collection has 8 limited edition colours- made up of two 'nourish' lipsticks and six matte. At a cost of $12.95 each, these lipsticks are an absolute steal for any makeup collection. They have cute and fitting titles to each one- which I personally prefer over just numbering each product.
These lipsticks contain no animal products and are not tested on animals either- so they are great for the vegan beauties out there as well.
The colours are:

*  Miss Leah- Baby Cocoa (nourish)
*  Miss Olivia- Apricot (nourish)
*  Miss Bree- Pink Blush
*  Miss Christina- Neon Guava
*  Miss Courtney- Electric Flamingo
*  Miss Mia- Foxy Hibiscus
*  Miss Ally- Amethyst
*  Miss Nicole- Burgundy Brown

I'm really hoping I can get my hands on this collection soon as I'm in love with every colour they have. You can purchase them online (and find out more information) from:
Vegan Beauty
The Nail Pot 

What colours are you excited to try this Spring-Summer?
Until next time...


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