Mini Beauty Haul


Hey everyone! I'm back again today with a quick haul post for you. I will be doing reviews of each product at a later date so keep an eye out.

(Top left) Revlon gel eyeliners $10 each on sale, Ultra3 lip pencil liner in terracotta (I thought it was an eyeliner, that's why it's with the gels) around $2-3.
(Top right) Ultra3 colour me pretty and colour me bold lip crayons $4.95each.

(Top left) Garnier moisture match and BBcream in medium. I can't remember how much these cost, I think the moisturiser was around $7?
(Top right) australis neon crush Blush on sale for $2, australis neon crush eyeshadow in LOL on sale for $1. Rimmel 60second nail polish on sale $1.

Radox muscle sooth math (gel?) and jasmin candle came in a set for $10

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