Classically Special- Mini Lush Haul


Last payday I swore to myself that I wouldn't give in to the temptation of buying anything because a) I'm trying to save for a house and b) I had to pay off something super exciting this week. Somehow the little gremlins got into my back account though and got me a few little Lush goodies as a special little treat.

Photo from the Lush website- I can't get my camera working :(
I'll start with my staple Lush product- the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap purchased for $6.95
My lord does this smell divine! I'm a liquid soup/shower gel type girl- but I like to shave with a bar of soap (not sure if this is normal or just me?). This soap is super smooth and has a beautiful honey scent. I'm not sure why this latest bar is an odd brownish colour- but the last few bars I've had have been a gorgeous light yellow. It also saddens me that they no longer have the little honeycomb top as it was super cute, but I do understand that it was coarse and scratched quite a few peoples skin so that's a good move by Lush in a safety aspect. I adore the way this soap leaves my skin feeling and smelling and, seeing as I'm a gel girl, I've had my eye on the Honey I Washed the Kids Shower Gel for a while now. Maybe next pay?
These next few items I won't say much on as I'm planning on posting reviews on them soon.
Photo from Lush website
Next up I bought a bath bomb, which is no surprise really. If anything, people are going to know me for my constant love of Lush bath bombs. This one is the Northern Lights bath bomb from the Halloween range, costing $5.50. I cannot express how excited I was when I got an email from Lush saying these were re-stocked.
Photo from Lush website
Last I got the (Golden Gift) bath bomb from their Christmas range cost $7.50. This is so so pretty and reminds me so much of Christmas. I'm already in love with this bomb and may need to purchase a few more for the month of December.

I honestly cannot wait to review these beauties for you guys!
Let me know what products you'd like to see me review bellow.
Until next time...


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