The Body Shop- Tea Tree Oil Range Review


Photo from website - my camera is currently being fixed :(
I love The Body Shop. I love their scents, their range of products and their easy to use website. The Body Shop gives you a huge taste of everything, from makeup, skincare, bath and body and gift sets.
A few months ago I went through a stage where I really wanted to switch up my skin care as the products I was using weren't working as well for my skin as they used to. Frustrated, I began doing a little research and that's when I came across The Body Shops tea tree oil range.

I found a few different blogs that talked about the products, and I couldn't really find much that was said bad about the range, so I went ahead and sourced out the products on their website. After a while of debating with myself, I decided to purchase the night cream and the little facial brush and the starter kit, just in case this product didn't go well on my skin so I didn't waste money on loads of product I wasn't going to use. And I'm glad I did.

I really liked the product at first- although the smell is really over powering and the toner stung a bit. I'll say this now- if you have sensitive skin, do not purchase. It can hurt quite a lot.
I got over the smell and stinging after a few days of use, which I was really happy about. I wanted to love this range so much. However, it just wasn't to be.

I read somewhere that this range is great for people with normal-oily skin and I thought this was perfect due to my skin being between normal and oily. Unfortunately I was wrong. After a few weeks my skin became extremely dry and flaky. I bought a new super hydrating moisturiser to try and counteract this problem, but unfortunately it just wouldn't work. I changed my routine to use it only a few times a week, but again it didn't work. Eventually I had to give up on trying new ways to use it and switch to a hydrating, sensitive routine to help recuperate my skin.To add insult to injury, due to my skin drying out so much, my skin produced extra oil which caused bad breakouts and now, almost two months after swapping routines, my skin is only just starting to return to normal.

I would recommend this product to people that have more oily skin and scaring/dark patches on their face. I did see a difference in my skin for a while and I do believe that it works- but only on oily skin. Please do not purchase this if you have quite sensitive skin like I do, I believe that it only made the matter worse. I do still use the tea tree oil spot oil as it isn't used all over my face and is only used in small amounts when needed, but I've had to say a parting farewell to the rest (much to my dismay).

What Body Shop product have you tried that you recommend? I'd love to try some more of their stuff.
I have a review on the brush coming soon! 
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