Motivational Monday- Stealing Happiness


Its Motivational Moday again today!
I'll be quite honest with you, today has been a terrible day so far. In summery, I started the day off missing my wake up call for gym and ended up being late to work. While I was still pretty happy at that stage- a certain 'know it all' old lady filling in for someone who is away sick at work decided that she would have a go at me for doing my job. Yep- for literally doing my job (what!?). Anyway, after trying not to explode in rage (which it takes quite a lot to get me to that point) and listening to this lady yell and carry on, I was feeling pretty deflated and ready for a strong drink (and I'm not a heavy drinker).
Thank you to my very kind and caring work colleague who stepped in and told her she was being extremely rude.
Back to the point of Motivational Monday, I decided to base todays quote around my situation today.

Pic from Google Images
While I'll admit, I'm still not happy with this lady or the situation, I am feeling a lot better. I know I'm a lot better than that and I have no reason to be upset when I hadn't done anything wrong.
My happiness is exactly that- MINE! And I refuse to let a silly old lady- or anyone- take that from me.
I hope you're having a better day than I am today.

What's your motivation?
Until next time...


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