Motivation Monday- New beginnings.


Like thousands of others out there, I am not immune to the feelings of worthlessness and lack of motivation. There will be multiple times a day when I need to remind myself of all the good I have done and all the good I can do.I'm not perfect- and I don't believe that there is anyone out there that is. The fact is, everyone feels both negative and positive emotions. Its how we react to these emotions that makes or breaks us as individuals.
I've decided to put a little positivity in my Mondays (and hopefully yours) by starting a Motivation Monday series where I share with you a quote that has got me thinking positively either about a situation or the future. Personally, I find inspirational quotes get my mind thinking, my imagination going and my thoughts on a more positive track. So, in light of this new beginning, I'll leave you with this quote from CS Lewis.

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What gets you motivated and inspires your positivity?
Until next time...


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