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First things first I'm a realist- and by realist I mean I'll admit my addiction to my social media.
I've been sitting here starring at the heading line atop my page trying to come up with a catchy, punny heading and honestly, I can't even think of something even slightly amusing or clever. Where to find me seems fitting enough, so lets just pretend I'm witty and I've come up with something better.

Moving on, today's post is exactly as the heading suggests- where you can find me on social media.

Twitter- @elise_morrison 
Direct link: EliseM

Direct link: Elise

Google+ -dream-seek-believe
Direct link: dream-seek-believe

Instagram- @whereverthereislight
Direct link: Elise

At this stage I don't use YouTube (or post to it I should say) or have a Facebook page.
Would you like to see a Facebook page or YouTube Chanel by me? Let me know below.
Until next time...


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